MuntaeCara Albergo Diffuso - Apricale, Liguria, 18035, Italy

Cookery courses

  • corso di cucina

Creative, amusing, original, exclusive choose the cookery course you prefer or you wish to give someone near to you: for those who already know our fantastic breakfasts and for those who, in this way, will come to know them; the preparation of biscuits, cakes, cup cakes, pizzas and focaccia - delicacies, sweet and not.
Easy recipes good to look at and delicious to taste mainteining the flavours of past ages which can be appreciated in our breakfast room first thing in the morning.
Lenght of the course 2/3 hours, cost per person € 39"
Please book by phone +39 0184 209030

Recipes to choose for the course:
- apricalese rabbit;

- pizza sardenara and Ligurian focaccia;
- caremom and cinnamon flavoured croissant (great - grandmother's recipe)

- courgette and french bean pine (sweet);
- borage omelette;
- pansarole e zabaglione
- biscuits, flavoured with lavender, chocolate and rum, melic, meringues

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